As higher lighting poles are required under and around the load handling machines due to the height of the container stacks for ideal outdoor lighting, we produce optical solutions that adapt to each height. The areas where international freight transport is carried out by vessels and where thousands of containers are stored can be designed with projectors can be illuminated using LEDs in line with the customer requests by taking the criteria of CIE or SIP lighting norms into consideration. Retrofit LED conversion, which is needed in corridor areas and loading areas, especially when containers are stacked one another and side by side especially in outdoor areas, has turned into a satisfactory and acceptable saving method.

In outdoor areas, the LED RETROFIT gain is made possible with the GPRONA product with high lumen asymmetrical radiation angle placed on high range poles on transport and walkways. With a power consumption of approximately 400W, the projector can transfer an average of 57,000 lm of illumination to the field with an asymmetric distribution, which is a unique solution that pushes the boundaries in efficiency and can yield these values ​​even under difficult temperature conditions.



Occupational safety regulations require that certain measures be taken in seaport management. In lighting, two different standardization values ​​appear. These values ​​indicate the minimum or average lighting data calculated during the project engineering and compulsory to comply. Container storage areas and seaport ship loading areas should be projected so as not to be less than the specified critical lighting intensities. In case where multiple luminaires must be placed on a pole, installation discovery, apparatus discovery and layout plans must be reviewed.